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The Sabai Protocol solutions

Solutions built upon the Sabai Protocol are applicable to businesses of all sizes, catering to both small startups and large enterprises alike.

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Unleash the entire potential of tokenization

Tokenization, a contemporary technology, is actively employed in managing assets across all categories, presenting a wide array of opportunities for businesses in any industry.

Attract investments from all over the world Icon

Attract investments from all over the world

Tokenization will unlock doors to potential investors from every corner of the globe.

Diversify capital attraction channels Icon

Diversify capital attraction channels

Attract not only large investors, but also small-scale individual investors without compromising investment management efficiency.

Offer clients contemporary investment vehicles Icon

Offer clients contemporary investment vehicles

Enhance your appeal to potential investors by developing convenient and efficient capital management tools.

Utilize the opportunities of the secondary market Icon

Utilize the opportunities of the secondary market

Tokenization enables increased liquidity and capital efficiency for both business owners and investors alike.

Enhance investor engagement Icon

Enhance investor engagement

Tokenization enables the automation of investor-related tasks such as document management, dividend disbursement, and voting, streamlining the process.

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Alexander Heb

Chief Operating Officer

Our experts are prepared to outline the opportunities that tokenization unlocks for your business using the Sabai Protocol.

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Tokenization is a versatile tool used across all industries

Unlock the full potential of tokenization and discover its seamless integration possibilities across various sectors of the economy.

Developers and real estate assets
Bring a single real estate asset or an entire development company to the RWA market to attract capital from around the world. Optimize fundraising and provide investors with accessible opportunities.
Investment funds
Implement tokenization to improve fund management, boost liquidity, and execute contemporary investment strategies.
Games & IT startups
Explore innovative funding avenues previously untapped in the gaming industry and startups. Tokenize projects of any size to facilitate effective collaboration with investors.
Renewable energy producers
Tokenize power stations operating on renewable sources of energy, enabling anyone to join the eco-movement, contribute to your wallet, and help save the Earth.
Industrial enterprises
Transform perceptions of the industrial sector by integrating tokenization tools for streamlined investor interaction and more efficient capital acquisition.
Mining farms
Tokenize your mining farm and allocate the expenses for equipment purchases and mining deployment across numerous independent investors.
Profitable internet resources
Utilize tokenization to make your investors the most faithful and loyal audience, motivated to promote your resource within their circles.
Your Business
For tokenization, we use a flexible modular system that allows us to adapt our solutions to virtually any business, regardless of industry or company scale.
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The journey of RWA/VA asset tokenization

Tokenization progresses through multiple stages, during which our specialists address current tasks.

Consulting and research project

Get comprehensive consultations on tokenizing your assets and explore the potential of utilizing our solutions.

Due Diligence

We conduct a meticulous audit of assets, finalize agreements, and handle legal formalities. If all goes well, we'll authorize further listing in the Sabai ecosystem.

Customizing technical processes

We prepare the technical infrastructure for token issuance, fine-tuning it to fit the client's specific needs.

Token issuance

We issue RWA/VA tokens and provide clients with tools for their management and accessing analytical data.

Primary sales and marketing launch

We initiate primary sales and marketing efforts by listing tokens on the our platforms and leveraging marketing tools to reach potential investors.

Secondary market rollout

We establish a secondary market for trading project tokens among investors to ensure high liquidity.

Tokenize your business

Our tokenization expertise and ready-made solution guarantee swift deployment and seamless adaptability for any business.

The Sabai Protocol is a technology designed to tokenize both real-world (RWA) and virtual (VA) assets, featuring simple onboarding and efficient management tools. It's tailored to handle high volumes of transactions effectively.

High-precision asset calibration Icon

High-precision asset calibration

Customize RWA/VA and its distribution methods, finely adjusting each parameter as you see fit.

Investor control system Icon

Investor control system

Employ a multi-tiered role customization system to determine access to assets and applied requirements.

Full suite of tools Icon

Full suite of tools

Utilize not just our tokenization solution, but also a comprehensive array of tools for ongoing system management and control.

Choose what suits you better

Tokenization & Listing

The solution for tokenizing RWA and VA and then integrating them into the Sabai ecosystem. Ideal for swiftly entering the digital asset market.

  • Careful Due Diligence and audit of the client's tokenized asset.
  • Full-cycle token issuance with subsequent provision of management tools.
  • A refined infrastructure for hosting and promoting your tokenized asset.
  • A sizable, loyal user base within the Sabai ecosystem, primed to invest in your product.
  • Swift and straightforward listing without the need to overhaul your company's business processes.
  • Placement on the secondary market of the ecosystem.
  • Comprehensive legal consultations on tokenization for your business.
  • Professional consultations on the tokenization of Real-world assets and Virtual assets.
  • Specialized consultations on implementing and managing digital assets.
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White Label

A modular box solution for RWA and VA tokenization, powered by Sabai Protocol technology, that can be integrated into your business to build your own platform or an entire ecosystem of products.

  • Developed smart contracts to execute all functions related to tokenized assets, audited by Certik.
  • Constructor for crafting RWA/VA tokens with customization options and issuance.
  • In-house platform/marketplace for the sale of tokenized assets, customizable to suit business needs.
  • Admin panel for comprehensive management and statistical data gathering (finance, marketing, etc.).
  • User dashboard with the capability to integrate EVM-compatible wallets, internal addresses for investors, and modules for
  • various specific uses of tokenized assets.
  • Secondary market to facilitate trading among users.
  • Customized interface.
  • Scalable legal framework, having undergone all necessary checks.
  • Referral program with the potential implementation of a multi-tiered reward system.
  • Management system and API for integration with proprietary products.
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Use the Sabai Protocol for smooth tokenization flow

Alexander Heb avatar

Alexander Heb

Chief Operating Officer

Our experts are prepared to outline the opportunities that tokenization unlocks for your business using the Sabai Protocol.

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  • Utilizing efficient tokenization tools

    For tokenization, we employ the Sabai Protocol - a flexible modular solution developed in-house that can be tailored to the needs and circumstances of individual businesses.

  • Marketing support

    For our White Label clients, we provide marketing strategies and proven investor attraction mechanisms to swiftly propel their business in the tokenization market.

  • Full technical support

    We provide consulting services covering all aspects of utilizing our solutions for business owners and CEOs, ensuring a fully understanding of tokenization and facilitating seamless adaptation to new tools.

  • Comprehensive legal support

    We provide consulting services on legal aspects of tokenization and the nuances of operating in various jurisdictions to ensure reliable protection of businesses from regulatory claims.