Tokenized real estate sales platform

Sabai Property is a comprehensive solution for managing all processes and aspects of attracting investments into tokenized resort real estate.


Who chooses Sabai Property?

Tokenized real estate attracts a diverse array of companies and individuals, all of whom can derive value from utilizing this product.

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Invest capital into tokenized real estate - a flexible and secure financial instrument with a minimum entry threshold of $50.

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Place their properties at any stage of construction: from excavation to rental. Rapidly sell real estate to investors worldwide, generating working capital for further growth.

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Property management companies

Assume management of properties, maintaining their condition and actively generating rental income, ensuring profitability for investors.

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Real estate agents

Offer their clients a new efficient tool for real estate investment, earning commission for their services.

Complete integration of all essential solutions

Tokenized real estate attracts a diverse array of companies and individuals, all of whom can derive value from utilizing this product.

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Simple Interface

The investment and asset management functionalities within Sabai Property are seamlessly integrated, enabling effortless interaction for every user.

Legal security

The business processes underpinning Sabai Property's operations are fully aligned with prevailing international and regional laws governing tokenized assets.

Minimum entry threshold

Sabai Property's operational efficiency allows for a reduction in the minimum investment size (the nominal value of one property token) to $50 without compromising management quality or user interaction.

Secondary market

The integrated order book provides tokenized real estate with an unparalleled level of liquidity, enabling investors to flexibly manage their capital.
Decentralized asset storage
Real estate tokens are stored in users' non-custodial wallets (MetaMask) on the Polygon network.
Referral system
The platform incorporates a referral system to motivate ecosystem participants to invite new users.
Full support
Our management companies provide comprehensive property services, overseeing all aspects of property operations. Investors simply receive passive income.
Efficient dividend distribution
Investors' income is distributed automatically and is immediately available for withdrawal. Profit accrual occurs weekly, and soon will be carried out daily.
Accessibility for Web2 users
Sabai Property has introduced a solution enabling the purchase of real estate tokens not just with cryptocurrencies, but also through Visa and Mastercard bank cards.
Low entry barriers and straightforward asset management enable portfolio diversification of tokenized real estate, even with minimal capital.

Comparison to competitors

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The real estate tokenization journey

Tokenization progresses through multiple stages, during which our specialists address current tasks.

Consulting and research project

Get comprehensive consultations on tokenizing your assets and explore the potential of utilizing our solutions.

Due Diligence

We conduct a meticulous audit of assets, finalize agreements, and handle legal formalities. If all goes well, we'll authorize further listing in the Sabai ecosystem.

Customizing technical processes

We prepare the technical infrastructure for token issuance, fine-tuning it to fit the client's specific needs.

Token issuance

We issue RWA/VA tokens and provide clients with tools for their management and accessing analytical data.

Primary sales and marketing launch

We initiate primary sales and marketing efforts by listing tokens on the our platforms and leveraging marketing tools to reach potential investors.

Secondary market rollout

We establish a secondary market for trading project tokens among investors to ensure high liquidity.


Secondary market for seamless trading among users

Make use of Sabai Protocol's complete range of tokenization capabilities to swiftly attract investor capital from across the globe and improve the metrics of your upcoming game.

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Choose the solution that best fits your needs

The Sabai Protocol offers solutions for seamlessly entering the rapidly expanding market of tokenized Real World Assets (RWA) and Virtual Assets (VA), enabling the realization of ideas at any scale.

High-precision asset calibration Icon

High-precision asset calibration

Customize RWA/VA and its distribution methods, finely adjusting each parameter as you see fit.

Investor control system Icon

Investor control system

Employ a multi-tiered role customization system to determine access to assets and applied requirements.

Full suite of tools Icon

Full suite of tools

Utilize not just our tokenization solution, but also a comprehensive array of tools for ongoing system management and control.

White Label

A modular box solution for RWA and VA tokenization, powered by Sabai Protocol technology, that can be integrated into your business to build your own platform or an entire ecosystem of products.

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