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One product to rule them all

Sabai ID is a convenient personal dashboard that ensures seamless user interaction with all Sabai products through a unified interface.

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Sabai ID functionality

Sabai ID integrates both personal account functionality and an admin panel.

For the user:

  • Convenient interface and access to all ecosystem products.
  • Intuitive dashboard for tracking investments and managing capital.
  • Simple tools for investing in tokenized real estate.

For the owner:

  • Builder enabling the creation, customization, and issuance of RWA/VA tokens.
  • Admin panel for comprehensive system control and statistical metric collection.
  • User validation, accrual management, and payout administration.

Getting started with Sabai ID couldn't be easier

The process, from registration to making investments, takes just a few minutes, significantly boosting customer loyalty and purchase conversion.


To create an account, only an email or Google Account is required.

Linking a Web2 or Web3 wallet

Wallet linking is completely automated and can be done within minutes.

KYC verification

User identity verification, necessary for compliance with laws, is conducted by the reliable service Shufti Pro.


Token acquisition is available through cryptocurrency or credit card. Upon purchase, the tokens are instantly sent to the investor's wallet.

Earning income

Income accrual happens automatically on a weekly basis, although it will soon transition to daily processing. Withdrawal is immediately available upon crediting to the account balance.

Choose the solution that best fits your needs

The Sabai Protocol offers solutions for seamlessly entering the rapidly expanding market of tokenized Real World Assets (RWA) and Virtual Assets (VA), enabling the realization of ideas at any scale.

High-precision asset calibration Icon

High-precision asset calibration

Customize RWA/VA and its distribution methods, finely adjusting each parameter as you see fit.

Investor control system Icon

Investor control system

Employ a multi-tiered role customization system to determine access to assets and applied requirements.

Full suite of tools Icon

Full suite of tools

Utilize not just our tokenization solution, but also a comprehensive array of tools for ongoing system management and control.

White Label

A modular box solution for RWA and VA tokenization, powered by Sabai Protocol technology, that can be integrated into your business to build your own platform or an entire ecosystem of products.

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