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The Sabai Protocol's mission is to contribute to the advancement of tokenization and provide a universal solution accessible to any business.

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Sabai Protocol Performance Benchmarks

We openly share our tokenization results so that you can form the most objective opinion of us.

  • $3.71 million

    investment attracted

  • 112000

    size of our community

  • 33

    size of our team of professionals

  • $2 million

    Volume of our real estate sales in cryptocurrency

  • $20 million

    SABAI Token market capitalization

  • $650000

    Daily trading volume of SABAI Token

> our vision

We understand that the future belongs to tokenization

We've decided to establish the Sabai Protocol and a suite of solutions built upon it, aiming to empower everyone to engage in the swiftly advancing realm of tokenization. Presently, we're witnessing the fruits of our labor. How do we accomplish this?

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Simplifying Tokenization

We are familiar with all the intricacies and challenges that businesses may encounter during tokenization. Therefore, we are striving to make this process more straightforward and comprehensible.

Expanding Possibilities Icon

Expanding Possibilities

We are not content with restricting tokenization to a single asset category. Instead, we are crafting a universal solution that is equally effective across all cases.

Increasing Accessibility Icon

Increasing Accessibility

At present, tokenization is predominantly the prerogative of large corporations. We dissent from this notion and aim to democratize tokenization, making it accessible to small businesses and individual asset owners alike.

Our values

As we develop the Sabai Protocol and make strategic decisions, we steadfastly uphold the tenets of our creed.

  • Innovations

    Our aim is to make a technological contribution to tokenization, rather than merely "riding" the new trend.
  • Openness

    We cultivate trusting relationships with our team, partners, investors, and users, transparently sharing our successes and failures.
  • Inclusivity

    Our project and team are always receptive to individuals of diverse perspectives. Therefore, we foster an environment where every voice is heard, irrespective of position, credentials, or financial standing.

Our team

In order to establish the Sabai Protocol, we've brought together a team of passionate professionals who are committed to making positive changes in the world of tokenization.