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A tokenized game that hooks you from the get-go

Sabai World is a gaming product within the Sabai ecosystem and a prime example of how tokenization can propel gaming to astronomical heights.

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Why did we develop and tokenize Sabai World?

The initial concept of the Sabai Protocol included its use in the gaming industry. However, lacking experience in this area, it's evident that we wouldn't have been able to create something truly valuable. Therefore, we decided to develop our own game to test out all the tokenization possibilities.

  • Investment Attraction

    We used the utility Token SABAI for our seed round and secured funding to develop Sabai World.

  • Staking Integration

    Expanding the resort island and constructing new gaming buildings in Sabai World boosts the staking profitability of the utility Token SABAI , enabling users to further monetize their gaming experience.

  • Real Asset Integration

    Buying virtual buildings in the game gives users a stake in real tokenized Sabai Property real estate, providing them with steady passive income in the real world.

  • VA Market Test Rollout

    The initial version of the VA market demonstrated strong user interest in purchasing boosters and trading unique NFT assets among themselves.

Our results. Don't be envious.

Our preliminary research indicated that tokenization could enhance various project metrics. However, we didn't anticipate achieving such figures!

  • Retention D1-D3-D7: 47.2% / 24.9% / 11.3%

    The most optimistic scenario assumed a retention rate of 40% / 20% / 10% at release, and for the beta version — 30% / 12% / 5%.

  • Session Duration: 9 minutes

    A Session Duration of 6-10 minutes is ideal for games like this. We nailed it on the first try!

  • Daily Sessions: >3

    Our game designers have managed to strike the perfect balance between active grinding and passive engagement. As a result, we've attained an average of >3 sessions per day per user, which we consider a fantastic achievement.

Tokenize your game or get out of the market!

Make use of Sabai Protocol's complete range of tokenization capabilities to swiftly attract investor capital from across the globe and improve the metrics of your upcoming game.

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Chief Operating Officer

Our experts are prepared to outline the opportunities that tokenization unlocks for your business using the Sabai Protocol.

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Tokenize your game or get out of the market!

Which games can be tokenized?

The versatility and adaptability of tokenization are its defining features. This enables successful tokenization of games across all genres and scales.

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Draw in capital from investors across the globe for swift initiation of new projects.

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Broaden revenue streams from blockchain gaming by providing the loyal community with an additional investment avenue.

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AAA projects

Tokenizing a major project can expedite the product's profitability or secure funding during the development stage.

Your move

Sabai Protocol has demonstrated its effectiveness in the gaming industry firsthand. Learn about the possibilities it offers for integration into your project by reaching out to our expert.

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Choose the solution that best fits your needs

The Sabai Protocol offers solutions for seamlessly entering the rapidly expanding market of tokenized Real World Assets (RWA) and Virtual Assets (VA), enabling the realization of ideas at any scale.

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High-precision asset calibration

Customize RWA/VA and its distribution methods, finely adjusting each parameter as you see fit.

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Investor control system

Employ a multi-tiered role customization system to determine access to assets and applied requirements.

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Full suite of tools

Utilize not just our tokenization solution, but also a comprehensive array of tools for ongoing system management and control.

White Label

A modular box solution for RWA and VA tokenization, powered by Sabai Protocol technology, that can be integrated into your business to build your own platform or an entire ecosystem of products.

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