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The world consists of molecules and atoms. Every material, substance, everything that surrounds us. What if these simplest particles can be sold? Divide anything into atoms and sell each separately.

We can do it.

The tokenization protocol can turn anything into a digital asset. It is especially tailored for real estate developers, startups and game studios. Sabai will help implement the protocol, train the team, and consult.

Assets tokenized to $1073350

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We don't repeat, we exceed

Recognizing the opportunities available to us, we unequivocally decided to embark on a large-scale expansion into all sectors of the economy as a tokenization provider.

  • $1073350

    in assets, we've already tokenized

  • $3.71 million

    investment attracted

  • 112000

    size of our community



We believe our years of hard work speak volumes about our commitment to creating the best in the RWA market.

  • Market research.
  • Team building and planning.
  • Sabai Protocol concept.
  • Tokenomics development.
  • Early Airdrop of $Sabai Ecoverse Tokens and offline events.
  • Sabai World concept.
  • Development of v1 Sabai Protocol.
  • Angel investments and seed round for $Sabai Ecoverse Token.
  • Concept of Sabai Property.
  • Development of Sabai ID.
  • Launch of Sabai ID.
  • Design and development of Sabai World.
  • Concept of Sabai Academy.
2023 Q1-Q2
  • V1 Sabai Protocol assembled.
  • Private sale of $Sabai Ecoverse Token.
  • Development of Sabai Property.
  • Integration of Web3 wallets into Sabai ID.
  • Prototyping Sabai World.
  • Content development for Sabai Academy.
2023 Q3-Q4
  • Audit of Sabai Protocol smart contracts by Certik.
  • Establishment and validation of the legal structure under the guidance of Cal Evans.
  • Public sale of $Sabai Ecoverse Tokens.
  • Token Generation Event (TGE) for $Sabai Ecoverse Tokens.
  • Listing of $Sabai Ecoverse Tokens on BitMart and Uniswap exchanges.
  • Launch of wrapped $Sabai Ecoverse Tokens on Polygon.
  • Integration of $Sabai Ecoverse Tokens into ecosystem products.
  • Release of $Sabai Ecoverse Token staking.
  • Testing and refinement of Sabai Property functionality.
  • Launch of Sabai Academy.
2024 Q1-Q2
  • Development of modules for Sabai Protocol.
  • Release of Sabai Property.
  • Listing assets totaling >$1 million on Sabai Property.
  • Implementation of property pools in Sabai ID.
  • Launch of Sabai World alpha version and testing.
NOW 2024 Q3-Q4
  • Launching a large-scale marketing campaign to enhance brand recognition.
  • Integration of Web3 wallet and fiat processing into Sabai Property.
  • Comprehensive update of Sabai ID.
  • Listing the Sabai Ecoverse Token on major Tier 2 and Tier 1 crypto exchanges.
  • Integration of the Learn-and-Earn program into Sabai Academy.
  • Initiating collaboration with leading real estate developers in Asia.
  • Actively engaging with B2B clients from the investment funds sector.
  • Improving B2B solutions and incorporating new custom modules.
  • Expanding the incentive programs for Sabai Ecoverse Token.
2025 Q1-Q2
  • V1 Sabai Protocol assembled.
  • Confirming the proprietary ERC standard for the Sabai Protocol.
  • Open release of Listing and White Label for RWA/VA solutions.
  • Implementation of the secondary market on Sabai Property.
  • Listing of assets totaling >$10 million on Sabai Property.
  • Release of Sabai World on Google Play / App Store.
  • Implementation of Play-to-Earn mechanics in Sabai World.
  • Implementation of VA store in Sabai World.

Tokenize your business

Our tokenization expertise and ready-made solution guarantee swift deployment and seamless adaptability for any business.

Developers and real estate assets
Bring a single real estate asset or an entire development company to the RWA market to attract capital from around the world. Optimize fundraising and provide investors with accessible opportunities.
Games & IT startups
Explore innovative funding avenues previously untapped in the gaming industry and startups. Tokenize projects of any size to facilitate effective collaboration with investors.
Investment funds
Implement tokenization to improve fund management, boost liquidity, and execute contemporary investment strategies.
Industrial enterprises
Transform perceptions of the industrial sector by integrating tokenization tools for streamlined investor interaction and more efficient capital acquisition.
Renewable energy producers
Tokenize power stations operating on renewable sources of energy, enabling anyone to join the eco-movement, contribute to your wallet, and help save the Earth.
Mining farms
Tokenize your mining farm and allocate the expenses for equipment purchases and mining deployment across numerous independent investors.
Your Business
For tokenization, we use a flexible modular system that allows us to adapt our solutions to virtually any business, regardless of industry or company scale.
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The Sabai Protocol solutions

Solutions built upon the Sabai Protocol are applicable to businesses of all sizes, catering to both small startups and large enterprises alike.

The Sabai Protocol is a technology designed to tokenize both real-world (RWA) and virtual (VA) assets, featuring simple onboarding and efficient management tools. It's tailored to handle high volumes of transactions effectively.

High-precision asset calibration Icon

High-precision asset calibration

Customize RWA/VA and its distribution methods, finely adjusting each parameter as you see fit.

Investor control system Icon

Investor control system

Employ a multi-tiered role customization system to determine access to assets and applied requirements.

Full suite of tools Icon

Full suite of tools

Utilize not just our tokenization solution, but also a comprehensive array of tools for ongoing system management and control.

White Label

A modular box solution for RWA and VA tokenization, powered by Sabai Protocol technology, that can be integrated into your business to build your own platform or an entire ecosystem of products.

Discover more

What sets us apart?

We don't just sell you a tokenization solution, we go the extra mile to ensure your project becomes successful and reaches new heights in the digital asset market.

Technical consulting Icon

Technical consulting

We provide consulting services covering all aspects of utilizing our solutions for business owners and CEOs, ensuring a fully understanding of tokenization and facilitating seamless adaptation to new tools.

Legal consulting Icon

Legal consulting

We provide consulting services on legal aspects of tokenization and the nuances of operating in various jurisdictions to ensure reliable protection of businesses from regulatory claims.

Marketing support Icon

Marketing support

For our White Label clients, we provide marketing strategies and proven investor attraction mechanisms to swiftly propel their business in the tokenization market.

Training of the client's team Icon

Training of the client's team

We're bringing your team on board at Sabai Academy for training. We make sure to regularly update our courses and educational materials to keep your employees in sync with the ever-evolving landscape of the tokenization market and to boost their qualifications.

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For a more in-depth exploration of the technical intricacies of Sabai Protocol's operation and ecosystem products, please consult our Whitepaper.

Alexander Heb avatar

Alexander Heb

Chief Operating Officer

Our experts are prepared to outline the opportunities that tokenization unlocks for your business using the Sabai Protocol.

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What is the Sabai Protocol?
The Sabai Protocol is a technology designed to tokenize both real-world (RWA) and virtual (VA) assets, featuring simple onboarding and efficient management tools. It's tailored to handle high volumes of transactions effectively.
What sets apart a 'White Label' solution from 'Tokenization & Listing'?
A 'White Label' solution is a modular, off-the-shelf solution for constructing your own platform or an entire product ecosystem, and 'Tokenization & Listing' offers a simplified approach for integrating tokenized assets into the Sabai ecosystem.
Are your smart contracts secure?
Yes, our smart contracts have undergone a full audit by Certik - a leading auditor in the Web3 security domain.
Is the Sabai Protocol legal?
Yes, the Sabai Protocol was developed under the strict legal oversight of Cal Evans , ranked as the top crypto lawyer of 2023 by the AIBC Summit.
What sets you apart from your competitors?
We provide comprehensive consulting services covering all aspects of utilizing our solutions and addressing legal considerations in tokenization. At Sabai Academy, we offer tailored training programs to elevate your team's expertise. Furthermore, for buyers of our White Label solutions, we offer marketing strategy guidance and well-established investor attraction mechanisms.